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Hello fellow visitors and welcome. My name is Veljko Kursar, a freelancer, and I like to call myself Digital ninja Prospero. I am an experienced user of WordPress with various page builders, but honestly, my favorite one is Elementor and I can make the tone of amazing stuff with it. I`m also an SEO expert and content manager, so you can get a full experience if you chose me for your service. I am also a coffee addict, so there are no worries because it allows me to work the whole night until the job is done.

What I Do?


Do you need an eCommerce store setup for your business? I'm compatible with various platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, and Ecwid. I can help you and suggest which one is best for your business and go to work right away!

Web Design

There are no limits when it comes to Website. Share your ideas with me and let me show you my potential. My favorite CMS is WordPress and it combines perfectly with Elementor, where only sky is the limit. If you more prefer Wix, I think Editor X is one hell of a page builder too.


Let's write something interesting. Expanding reach and brand awareness is not possible with some boring text no one will read. That's where copywriting comes to the scene. Beat the record and dominate.

Content Management

Good content helps you get better reach and amazing content... It brings you power! That's why content management is so important. NO one likes boring stuff right? Everyone can be a content manager, but only a few of them can be Content Hacker... Like me 🙂



2 Years of Experience


2020 - 2020
by Brad Traversy, Udemy


Brad Traversy is probably one of the best online instructors. One of my first projects was made in Bootstrap and you can check it following this link.

2020 - 2020
By Andrei Neagoi, Udemy

Javascript: The Advanced Concepts

Javascript was the first love I fell into since the year 2011. Since then I learned quite a lot, and I am very comfortable using it. Besides, I`m no longer in programming.

2020 - 2020
By Benjamin Wilson, Udemy & Enterpreneur Academy

Instagram Marketing

My favorite social network, this was probably my favorite certificate, where I`ve learned a lot about the Instagram algorithm and organic followers. The proof is my Instagram profile with over 3000 organic followers. You can check it out here.

2020 - 2021
Internet Academy by Link Group

SEO & Content Manager

Probably one of the best online learning platforms in Europe. I have learned a lot of stuff from Content Marketing, PPC, Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, SWOT analysis, etc.

2020 - Present

Photoshop Advanced

I took some of the most advanced Photoshop courses, and this is something I look to work on quite a lot. I also have some commissions so feel free to check them out under my portfolio page.

In Progress

Google Analytics

In demand to be different, and to be a better professional, I decided to achieve knowledge not everyone has. This is something I`m working currently working on.

In Progress

Facebook Creative Blueprint

Only a few Digital Marketing experts possess this certificate. This is also something I`m quite excited about, and currently working on it. This is going to provide me true and valuable knowledge about Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp marketing. Creative Blueprint is all about preparing visuals for ads, something I`m pretty good with.


2019 - Present
Digital Ninja Prospero


From the year 2019, I`ve been working on multiple projects as a Freelancer, where I learned how to solve a problem on my own. You can check my portfolio page and look at some amazing projects I have done.

2020 - 2020
Novagod group

Content manager & SEO specialist

Working at Novagod group was a fun and amusing experience although New years eve was canceled during the Covid 19 pandemic. My main job was SEO optimization, content management, blog writing, and Instagram account management.

2020 - 2020
Abi marketing Belgrade

SEO Content Writer

Abi marketing Belgrade is actually the owner of the Novagod group. Their main project was a place where I have been writing blog posts most of my time. My main responsibility was holding the lead in the event industry, based on great content management and SEO optimization. According to Alexa's website ranking, this website is #577,109 ranked in the whole world.

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E-commerce SEO


Content Management


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How to become a freelancer?
How to become a freelancer?

A lot of people, especially in the past couple of years asked this question ‘How to become a freelancer?‘. Today we’ll try to find out what is the secret key for success for a successful freelancing business, and whether or not should you become a freelancer.

First, you need to know a couple of things before you even consider becoming a freelancer. Is freelancing actually for you? You have to know that freelancing is a hard thing to do, and probably the hardest of them all is the lack of clients and money at the beginning of this journey.

So you should probably consider investing in your knowledge so you could be different than your competitors, or maybe even to make partnerships with other freelancers. If you choose to be a lonely rider on this path, then definitely it’s going to be hard.

It is going to be hard for you to land your first project because no one wants to collab with someone new in this business. I know it sounds awful but it is true.

So before even you start, my honest advice is that you should not even think about joining marketplaces such as Fiverr or Upwork, because they are going to eat you alive. Try your website, it looks more professional, and no one will ask you about your experience. You just need to be good at what you plan to do.

And another piece of advice… Always invest in your knowledge! When you don’t have any clients or projects, try to learn something new, or try to upgrade your current knowledge. It’s better than just sitting around and crying about your lack of work.

How to start freelancing with no experience

A lot of people are afraid of freelancing because they think they don’t have enough experience. Well, guys, you’ll never have enough experience, if you just don’t jump to work. Be brave and, as long as you have good knowledge, experience is not that important. 

Find your niche where it’s easier to compete among those freelancing sharks. Also, don’t just wait to get a client, try to find them on your own. Pay for Google or Facebook, create amazing content, run a blog, and that’s how people will find you.

If you just create a couple of gigs on Fiverr and wait for someone to buy, then you’ll never be able to succeed.

How to start a freelance business

Freelance business or online entrepreneurship is the new way of doing business online, and a lot of people are turning to it. The main reason is freedom. You can live wherever you want, and work whenever you want. Also, you can choose how much you want to work. But…

Let’s get back to a question and see how to start a successful freelance business. From my own experience, I think there are two most important factors.

First, you should not work alone. You should always find other freelancers to work with and share projects and clients. Except if you want to learn how to do everything by yourself, which is pretty hard I know from my own experience. My lack of communicating with other people, took me there, to become a lone rider, and to the things that I like, and others that I honestly don’t like.

What do I mean by that? So here’s how it goes… One day you find a client, or a client finds you, it doesn’t matter… And that client needs a website, SEO, Graphic Design service, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other things… And let’s take for example that a client got a recommendation for you, so what are you going to do?

If you don’t know how to do all of these things, you’ll have to turn him down, but that’s not good right? If you know how to do all these it’s great, you can do it, but your mind is going to explode (I know that from my personal experience). The third thing, which I think it’s the best solution is to accept that client and try to find partners. You’ll have to share with them your incomes, but then you can land more clients.

My other advice and I think it’s the most important one, is that you should create your own website and social media profiles, buy ads, make business cards, and spread the word among friends, family, and neighbors. It’s better than waiting to land your first project for 10 bucks on some large marketplace…

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, and that my advice we’ll help you in the future… See ya sooon.



How to become a freelancer on Fiverr
How to become a freelancer on Fiverr?

Becoming a freelancer has become a very popular topic, especially after the situation with Covid19. Today you are going to find out how to become a freelancer on Fiverr and also whether is this path for you or not.

Becoming a freelancer especially on Fiverr and other platforms similar to it has become a pretty tough task. There are over 1 million online entrepreneurs just on this platform, so how is even possible to become a seller.

As you already may know, Fiverr is the freelancing platform where freelancers sell their gigs. As a new seller, it is going to be pretty hard to come on the first page. But, there are still some ways how to do that.

First, you need to find your niche, and let us take for an example, that you are a Graphic designer. If you are a complete beginner, a new seller on this platform, try not to compete yourself among Top-rated sellers with gigs such as I will do any kind of Graphic design task you need. As I said, try to find your niche and start with the less popular topics such as I will do any kind of design for your French restaurant. 

Now, you might have fewer views and impressions, but you are certainly going to have fewer competitors.

Also, you should consider promoting your Gigs online. Try with the Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Create social media profiles with your portfolio so potential customers could see your work.

I have sold my first gig after three months, and actually, a couple of days before that, I wanted to delete my profile on Fiverr. After selling a couple of gigs just for one client, I suddenly became a Level 1 seller, and after that, I was more visible to potential customers.

No matter how hard you may think it is, there is always a great chance for everyone, on each marketplace. You just need to be good at what you actually do, be consistent, and my honest advice… Always try to learn something new, and keep up!

So the point is, becoming a freelancer is a pretty hard thing to do, so it would consider a lot of patience. Hope you guys we’ll make it too.

How to become a freelance Graphic Designer?
How to become a freelance Graphic Designer?

Graphic design is probably one of the most popular segments when it comes to freelance business. Every corporation and even small businesses and startups nowadays need someone who is going to provide them with high-quality graphic solutions.

The true question is how to become a successful freelance graphic designer? Well, it’s not an easy question to answer… It depends on what you are able to provide and how good are you.

When it comes to Graphic design, it’s probably the easiest niche to get through the top, as long as you are good. You can always play around and build projects for your portfolio. The only segment where you need a lot of experience and you have to be specialized for it is UI/UX design, which we’ll get down to a bit later.

So my honest advice to this question is to build the templates you are going to start with and showcase to your potential clients. If you are not that much-experienced try using Envato.

How to start a freelance graphic design business

How to start a freelance graphic design business?

There are a couple of ways for starting a freelance graphic design business. First, you need to make a plan, what graphic solutions you want to provide to your clients.

You can start with a freelance marketplace for graphic design businesses such as Fiverr, or you can start with your own website. If you want to sell your services for much lower incomes, then start with a freelance marketplace…

But if you want to look more professional and earn more, then start with your own website and sell services directly to your customers. You can find your niche and start only with a couple of things, or partner with other freelancers and work on everything which has to do with Graphic design.

When you reach a number of clients you are satisfied with then you can offer more services and even hire some people or find other freelancers to join your business.

How to become a freelance UX designer?

How to become a freelance UX designer
How to become a freelance UX designer?

So this would probably be the toughest question and I don’t know to actual answer sorry for being honest, but I always try to come up with the solution which is not the case with how to become a freelance UX designer question.

I’m working as a freelance graphic designer but I never wanted to expand my knowledge and become a UX designer. The main reason, I don’t find that creative enough. But the true fact is, that is much more profitable than just an ordinary Graphic design.

So, you should probably start with building your own templates, app, and website design so you could have a strong portfolio for your potential client. Try to find a friend of a family member, who needs to work on his/her website design or app design, showcase them your work, and who knows, maybe they’ll like it and want to buy it. 

Build a couple of free projects with some of the existing apps or websites you think they need to improve their design.

Of course, you can build a couple of mock-ups and design templates and try to sell them on some marketplace. Maybe you earn some money without even landing a client.

By the way, you also need to be good with other techologies like Figma, and even to know a bit of HTML/CSS stuff, so good luck with that…

How to become a freelance logo designer?

How to become a freelance logo designer?
How to become a freelance logo designer?

Logo design is probably one of the most creative parts of Graphic design. You need to be good with Adobe Illustrator because of its vector design. It is not a layered design which you can do with Photoshop, which I find the much easier tool for beginners.

So how to become a freelance Logo designer? First, if you plan just to work on Logo design, then you need to be pretty good with the king of Vector design, and that is of course Adobe Illustrator.

The second thing is, you need to find what kind of styles are popular right now and try to make some of your own Graphics, which if they are good looking you can try to sell on Envato Market. There’s one way to earn a couple of bucks, without even having a client.

Logo Designer also needs to be good listener. Talk with your customer, and ask a lot of questions about their brand, and that’s how you are going to build a good-looking Logo for their brand.

How to start a freelance graphic design: Conclusion

So this is probably the end of this article. The conclusion would be if you already are a Graphic Designer you need to check what kind of work you are most comfortable with. Try to find a niche that you are best with and start with that. Later on, you can always spread your work to some other niches, and who knows, you maybe become an owner of the most successful Graphic Design agency.


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