Veljko Kursar

Hello fellow visitors and welcome. My name is Veljko Kursar, a freelancer, and I like to call myself Digital ninja Prospero. I am an experienced user of WordPress with various page builders, but honestly, my favorite one is Elementor and I can make the tone of amazing stuff with it. I`m also an SEO expert and content manager, so you can get a full experience if you chose me for your service. I am also a coffee addict, so there are no worries because it allows me to work the whole night until the job is done.

What I Do?


Do you need an eCommerce store setup for your business? I'm compatible with various platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, and Ecwid. I can help you and suggest which one is best for your business and go to work right away!

Web Design

There are no limits when it comes to Website. Share your ideas with me and let me show you my potential. My favorite CMS is WordPress and it combines perfectly with Elementor, where only sky is the limit. If you more prefer Wix, I think Editor X is one hell of a page builder too.


Let's write something interesting. Expanding reach and brand awareness is not possible with some boring text no one will read. That's where copywriting comes to the scene. Beat the record and dominate.

Content Management

Good content helps you get better reach and amazing content... It brings you power! That's why content management is so important. NO one likes boring stuff right? Everyone can be a content manager, but only a few of them can be Content Hacker... Like me 🙂